Meet Aspire Scholars

Randall Adcock participated in the dual-credit program. He received his Gila Community College degree in May 2018, before he collected his Payson High School diploma.

“I am currently enrolled at ASU in Barrett’s Honors College, pursuing a degree in chemical engineering, in the field of energy. If I had not taken the dual credits, I may have been intimidated, but instead, I knew what to expect. My brother came through two years before me and he did not participate in the dual-credit program, so he was not ready for the big schools and he did not have any credits. It has been a lot more expensive for him. The dual-credit program gives advanced kids somewhere else to go, challenging those higher-level kids”.

He provided an update to us summer of 2020:

“Although it has definitely been a weird year, everything is going well. There hasn’t been any major shifts in my goals but I have narrowed my focus on what I want to work on. I have started a minor in Energy and Sustainability and plan to work for a sustainable focused company as a chemical engineer, or work to make a process more sustainable as a chemical engineer. I expect to graduate after two more years although I am considering pushing through and getting a masters or a doctorate. I am trying to get an internship next summer somewhere in the valley”.

When asked what advice he would give high school students, he states:

“As ‘grown-up’ as it sounds, treat school like a job because it will pay off in the future. Whether it’s scholarships, good test scores, the knowledge that you gain or just maintaining that work ethic are all something that are easier once you do it the first time (just do it)”.