Dual Credit Program

The AAF Dual Credit program gives financial support to all Payson high school students who want to pursue higher education in our area.

Aspire Arizona Foundation provides Payson students with a head start on their college education. Since its launch in the 2016-17 school year AAF’s Dual Credit program (college credits earned while in high school) has benefited 565 students. This program gives high school students the opportunity to take college-level general education classes with Gila Community College certified instructors and curriculum on the Payson High School campus which are fully transferable to all of the Arizona state colleges and universities.

Dual Credit students can earn college credits at no cost which can significantly reduce their college tuition and shorten the time to graduation.  AAF has recently enhanced the program and now pays for up to three dual-credit academic classes each semester per student. With the AAF scholarship, Payson students can save over $13,464 in equivalent tuition for every 24 dual-credit hours earned.  Since inception, AAF has paid over $432,645 to provide Dual Credit courses for 570 Payson High School and Payson Center for Success Students resulting in 7,319 credits earned.

Potential In-state Tuition Savings

for 24 Dual Credit hours

Many thanks to the Payson Unified School District, Eastern Arizona College and Gila Community College for their commitment, insight and implementation of the program at the Payson High School. Measurable results are currently being tracked and the students’ progress will be updated each semester. We are very proud of all of our Aspire Students!