If your aspiration is to get involved with the work Aspire Arizona Foundation, there are many ways to volunteer your time.

Your willingness to give your time will ensure that our town’s students realize their aspirations.

Be a High School Mentor

Research proves that mentors can influence good choices-including staying focused in school, staying out of trouble, and making plans for the future, including college and a career.

AAF hopes to match volunteers with students to help edit and write college applications. This program will foster positive relationships, prepare students for academic and career success and help them achieve eligibility for scholarships.

Periodically Arizona Aspire Foundation needs help with mailings, registration at events, and other administrative tasks. While these opportunities do not occur regularly, it is wonderful to have a list of volunteers that we can count on when they do. If you would like to be added to that list we will reach out on an as-needed basis.