Dual Credit

Since 2019, AAF has provided scholarships to ALL students to pay for up to 3 dual-credit academic courses per semester. PUSD is providing FREE books and lab fees.  Students that maintain a B average in dual credit courses can renew their scholarships in subsequent years until they graduate from high school.  The procedure for taking advantage of this opportunity is:

  1. Talk to your high school Counselor.
  2. Take and Pass Free EAC placement test to qualify for College work.
  3. Sign FERPA release form so that AAF can track your performance.
  4. Pay EAC tuition for additional college credits.

So essentially, you can earn between 9 to 12 credit hours of college classes per semester for FREE.  Apply Now!

Aspire Arizona Foundation Scholar Scholarships

The Aspire Arizona Foundation will award two $5000 scholarships to Aspire Scholar seniors enrolling in a college or university in 2023.  The deadline of application submission is March 29, 2023.  For more information on eligibility, selection criteria and an application, please click here.

Payson Hospital Medical Staff Scholarship

Interested in learning more about scholarships for students pursuing advanced degrees as a health practitioner, please click here.