Vision and Goals

Making a college education available to a wider variety of students, from a broader geographic area and background, is our highest aspiration.

Aspire Arizona Foundation is providing Payson students with a head start on their college education. AAF’s Dual Credit program (college credits earned while in high school) was successfully launched for the 2016-17 school year. Historically, for many students in Payson, college appeared to be unattainable.  Whether it was a lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, or the financial burden of college expenses, few students in Payson pursued a college education.  That is changing.

See What We See

Aspire Arizona’s Dual Credit program is helping to remove many obstacles facing our students as they pursue their higher education dreams.  Taking college credit courses in high school helps build confidence that a student can master college-level curriculum.  By covering the costs of Dual Credit courses, Aspire also helps reduce the ultimate costs of college tuition.  Many of our Aspire scholars have earned the equivalent one year’s college credit while still in high school.  Currently that equates to saving $13,464 in tuition at ASU.

Many thanks to the Payson Unified School DistrictEastern Arizona College and Gila Community College for their commitment, insight and implementation of the program at the Payson High School. Measurable results are currently being tracked and the students’ progress will be updated each semester. We are very proud of all of our Aspire Students!